Platform for arts and choreography


ATELIER (German for »the artist’s  studio«) is an open format and combines various artistic works in its 68th edition – showcasing a versatile program until the late hours. Visitors can experience a mix of performances, contemporary art, installations, music and media art between 7 pm and 1 am. From 9:30 pm, the Ukrainian artist initiative DE NE DE – with their project ›SVITLOGRAD 2.0‹ – is additionally inviting to partake in a film screening and an electronic music DJ set. This setting allows for contemplation as well as for dancing.

The ›ATELIER No. 68 – Under Way‹ is focusing on the construction site as a place of in-between and shows art pieces that are in and under construction as much as they are in transition. The work is sometimes speculative, often in process and allows for participation, and new suggestions. While touring the ATELIER, you can experience a »construction site talk« with Rotterdam Presenta, have a juicy and sensual encounter with ›Orange Rest / The Sacrifice‹ (Toni Steffens), enter the reflections of a humanoid robot on its relationship to humanity (›My Mind As/Is Your Memory, My Body As/Is Your Substance‹ by HUANG Jieyuan) or explore the urban and partially mystical spaces from Tokyo to Atlantis in›2020‹ by Lillian Canright. With work by Lillian Canright, HUANG Jieyuan, Elpida Orfanidou, Rotterdam Presenta, Maria Savva, Eleni Tongidou & Phillip Staffa, Toni Steffens, Declan Whitaker, Arkadi Zaides & ›SVITLOGRAD 2.0‹ by DE NE DE.