Zsuzsa Rozsavölgiy & Gabor Varga

Despite coming from very different backgrounds, Zsuzsa Rózsavölgyi and Gabor Varga have found a very easy and natural way of working together. Zsuzsa started her education at the Budapest Contemporary Dance School and after years of learning the basics she auditioned to SEAD (Salzburg) where she spent one year. Gabor started out as a folk dancer, being a member of several amateur folk dance companies. He went to school to Talentum International School of Dance and Musical Art in Budapest. They both joined PARTS in 2000 and are now in the last year of their studies. During these four years they fruitfully worked together in 'Dying fo a Belgian beer' (by them), 'First take' (by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker), 'Projecto Conejo' (by David Zambrano) and their most recent piece 'Pas dodo'. They also created two choreographies for Bal Moderne.
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