Stefania Smolkina

Stefania Smolkina is a media artist, filmmaker, and textile artist from Russia, who currently lives and works in Leipzig, Germany. In her films and textile works, she examines the topography of memory, gaps in history, and alienation, position, and belonging in a society. Her aim is to question the stories of those outside of history and try to tell untold ones, something that is not going to be mentioned. Her work was part of various exhibitions, among them ›ATELIER No.64‹ (2020, PACT Zollverein, Essen), ›Equiem for a Failed State‹ (2018, Halle 14, Leipzig; AEG, Nürnberg), ›Roundabout‹ (2016, Algera Studion, Reykjavík). She took part in ›The Assembly, Conditions of a Necessity‹ (2020, Kunsthalle Baden-Baden) and ›VirtualSPAR‹ (2020, St. Petersburg Art Residency). Her films were shown in the program ›Blicke, Risse, Geschichte‹ (2021, Cinémathèque Leipzig e.V.), ›Proyector Festival‹ (2020, Madrid), ›Meeting time‹ (2020, Taipei Contemporary Art Center).

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