Idylla Silmarovi

Idylla Silmarovi is a scene artist and researcher. She holds a Master’s degree in Performing Arts with research entitled ›Strategies of art in a guerrilla state‹. Born in the city of Contagem MG/Brazil, she is a racialized LGBTQIA+ body that investigates the intersections between art and activism within the performing arts, mainly regarding the debate around memory as a right denied by the colonial system in Abya Yala ( Americas). In addition, her practice and research is directly related to racialized feminist and LGBTQIA+ struggles. She is the creator and general director of Plataforma Ka'adela and Zona de Encontro.  She works in collaboration with various collectives and movements. And she is present at several national and international festivals with his artistic and intellectual production. Creates autonomous creative spaces. Seeks to sink caravels. He is interested in crowning transvestites and tearing down colonial monuments.

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Idylla Silmarovi / Edgar Kanaykõ Xakriabá
Idylla Silmarovi & Edgar Kanaykõ Xakriabá

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