Giulia Palladini

Giulia Palladini is a researcher, theorist, and educator working between different languages, and fields of knowledge. Her research explores the politics and erotics of artistic production, as well as social and cultural history from a Marxist and feminist perspective. She is currently Senior Lecturer in Drama, Theatre and Performance at the University of Roehampton in London. She has   collaborated as theorist in a number of critical and artistic projects in Europe and Latin America. She is the author of ›The Scene of Foreplay: Theater, Labor and Leisure in 1960s New York‹ (2017) and co-editor (with Marco Pustianaz) of the volume ›Lexicon for an Affective Archive‹ (2017). 

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Valeria Graziano / Giulia Palladini
Against a logic of scarcity: on militant abundance

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