Britta Lieberknecht

... Britta Lieberknecht & Technicians - dance in combination with other media. Since 1979 Britta Lieberknecht has researched the combination of dance and other media in performance. In the course of more than 10 years of work now, the "Britta Lieberknecht & Technicians" group have developed a genre of their own called TANZINSTALLATION . Most recently in Cologne they showed "KANGA-FUCKIN-ROO", a dance installation with video sculpture and audience involvement, which was nominated for the Cologne Theatre Prize.In 1994 the group showed their first work in Cologne which focused on music as a live act: "KUNSTRASEN, Komposition für geräuschvolles Bühnenbild und Tanzaktion" was a sound installation controlled by dancers bodies that, with the help of a computer, formed music from movement.

In DRÜCKEN SIE DEN POSAUNISTEN she combined dance, music and light installation work under the aspect of movement set to a trans-disciplinary composition. This was the beginning of her collaboration with the oboist, Paul Hubweber.

In a subsequent series of improvisations entitled, SUR PLACE, musicians and dancers developed an improvisation technique to prepare future compositions. The core members of "Britta Lieberknecht & Technicians" are Britta Lieberknecht (dance, art) and Reinhard Gerum (performance).
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