André Schallenberg

… was born in 1979 in Jena. Since 1997, he has worked for the theatre "imaginata e.V.", as a production assistant for the music festival "Kulturarena Jena" and as assistant to the general manager at the Theaterhaus Jena. Since September 2001, he studies at the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies in Giessen. He completed an internship with the director Christian v. Treskow (Theatre Jena 2001), has assisted the directors Christine Umpfenbach (Theatre Wismar 2003) and Anna Langhoff (Theatre Almaty/Kasakhstan 2003) and participated in university projects with Heiner Goebbels, Reinhold Grether nd Georg Seeßlen. His own projects include two short films and the play "Alles wird gut! ein Melancholical" (Hessische Theatertage 2004). With "sub rosa" he took part in the festivals "Hessische Theatertage 2003" and "hope&glory Zurich 2003"
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