Spring Festival for the whole family

This coming weekend we’re celebrating the onset of spring with a colourful festival! Join us on Saturday 28.03. and Sunday 29.03. for a diverse and engaging programme of performance art and live music plus a host of other spring themed activities and surprises for the whole family.

The service team from our in-house caterer Wim's Kochwerk will be on hand throughout the weekend serving seasonal dishes, light refreshments and ice cream in the foyer bar.



Choreographer Danae Theodoridou is currently working in residency here on her latest work ›On Small Step for a Man: Hello, Goodbye‹ which draws on the American scientific program ›Voyager‹, which sent messages from planet Earth out into the Universe on unmanned space probes in the seventies. Departing from this, the work attempts to unfold the imaginaries that underline such a gesture and delve deeper into the artistic, social and political connotations of the notion of ‘social imaginaries’.


Our programme from January to April 2015 is available online or sign up here to receive your printed copy by free postal delivery.


Travelling to PACT on the A40 Motorway

Due to major road works at junction Essen-Frillendorf-Süd on the A40 in direction Bochum, we recommend visitors to PACT to exit the A40 at junction Essen-Zentrum and then follow the signs to Zollverein.

We’ll let you know here when the situation improves!





Installation performance

Sun 29.03.15 16:00 h

Following ›Die Scheinwerferin‹, and ›Absolute Helligkeit‹, prize winning media artist and performer Naoko Tanaka returns to PACT with ›Unverinnerlicht‹ the final part of her ›Shadow Trilogy‹. Working deliberately with skillful and subtle interplays of light and darkness rather than existing or digitally manipulated images, Tanaka’s enthralling installation performance invites the audience to test the bounds of their powers of sight, deduction and imagination.  more ...
Dance / performance in English

Sun 29.03.15 17:30 h

Melody and rhythm have always come before lyrics and meaning for Henri Hütt. In ›Rhythm is a dancer‹, created in part during a residency at PACT in 2013, the Estonian choreographer and dancer sets out to identify his own personal rhythm. Using short video, text and music clips, he skips backwards and forwards in time comparing how he experiences a certain rhythm now with how he experienced it on first encounter in the past. What rhythm should he follow? more ...

Wed 08.04.15

PROGRAMME WED 08.04.15 18:00 H FRI 10.04.15 18:00 H SAT 11.04.15 18:00 H more ...
Video installation

Wed 08.04.15 18:00 h

Fri 10.04.15 18:00 h

Sat 11.04.15 18:00 h

Sun 12.04.15 13:00 h

›De-Placed‹ is a multi-screen video installation created by Kate McIntosh in collaboration with Eva Meyer-Keller. Shifting through the city, from inside to out, the two artists constructed small installations in the locations they found, ping-ponging images between them - each action challenging the other to a reply. The result is an inventory of the world that is constantly expanding as a result of the mischievous ‘de-placement’ of the things it contains. more ...
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