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WED 01.11.2017
IMPACT17 - Don't follow the wind
Transdisciplinary symposium with lecture performance by Chim↑Pom 

The Japanese collective Chim↑Pom, also known as the subversive satirical heart of Japan’s art scene, creates videos, exhibitions, films, performances and unexpected interventions in public spaces in critical response to pressing social and political issues. Read more

FRI 17. & SAT 18.11.17
Mette Ingvarsten to show world premiere of her new piece ›21 pornographies‹

›21 pornographies‹ is the fourth part of Mette Ingvartsen’s work cycle ›The Red Pieces‹ looking at the political dimensions of sexuality. Starting from the idea that pornography has permeated many areas of society, Ingvartsen explores its workings through a collection of erotic and emotive materials sampled from sources including film and literature. Read more

FRI 24. & SAT 25.11.17
Eva Meyer-Keller shows her new work ›Some Significance‹

In her internationally presented acclaimed works, Eva Meyer-Keller repeatedly examines the relationship between art and science. In her latest production, she appropriates a series of scientific paradigms or models in mathematics and the natural sciences as performative scores for expansive, choreographed scenarios carried out in collaboration with three other performers and the help of everyday household objects. Read more

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