Happy New Year!

Our new programme covering January to April 2015 will be available on our website from the 05. January 2015. Sign up here to receive your printed copy by free postal delivery. Next season gets underway on the 24. January with PACT’s very first open day which promises a host of activities for the whole family (12-18 h). 

We wish you a peaceful Christmas and happy New Year and send our thanks to all our visitors, and to everyone who has supported us this year!

The PACTeam


Travelling to PACT on the A40 Motorway

Due to major road works at junction Essen-Frillendorf-Süd on the A40 in direction Bochum, we recommend visitors to PACT to exit the A40 at junction Essen-Zentrum and then follow the signs to Zollverein.

We’ll let you know here when the situation improves!


Our new programme for January to April 2015 will be online in January 2015. Sign up here to receive your printed copy by free postal delivery.



Sat 24.01.15 12:00 h

PACT’s open day is an invitation to bring the whole family to explore and discover our century old former industrial building. more ...

Fri 30.01.15 20:00 h

Sat 31.01.15 20:00 h

Different people will understand the same thing in a different way. (Sol LeWitt, Artforum, June 1967)   more ...
Multimedia performance experience for children and adults

Sun 01.02.15 16:00 h

Mon 02.02.15 10:30 h

Bist Du sicher, dass Du wirklich alles siehst, was es zu sehen gibt? Ist die Welt, in der wir leben, die einzige? more ...
Dance / Performance

Fri 13.02.15 20:00 h

Sat 14.02.15 20:00 h

In multi-award winning productions such as ›GRIND‹ or ›The Plateau Effect‹ for the Cullberg Ballet, Jefta van Dinther has developed an unmistakable choreographic signature that has received wide acclaim from audiences and critics alike. Drawing on scientific findings in perception psychology, his works condense the individual components of body, light and sound into one single inescapable, all-encompassing sensory experience. more ...
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