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Travelling to PACT on the A40 Motorway

Due to major road works at junction Essen-Frillendorf-Süd on the A40 in direction Bochum, we recommend visitors to PACT to exit the A40 at junction Essen-Zentrum and then follow the signs to Zollverein.

We’ll let you know here when the situation improves!





Fri 13.03.15 19:00 h

Sat 14.03.15 19:00 h

This special edition of our ATELIER series is devoted to works which have come out of our artists in residency programme over the last twelve years.  Over two days, we will be presenting a broad selection of dance, music, film, photography, media and performance art drawn from the rich pool of around 500 artists, collectives and groups that have worked in residency at PACT since 2002. more ...

Sat 28.03.15

The last weekend in March heralds a brand new edition of PACT’s Spring Festival featuring a vibrant array of performance art. more ...
Audio performance

Sat 28.03.15 17:30 h

What does nature have to say? To find out, Myriam Van Imschoot visited a zoo, used a tuning fork to listen to a motorway and discovered birds that sound like chainsaws or can imitate the ringtones of mobile phones. Drawing on a variety of field recordings, five performers – with backgrounds in the noise underground scene and pop – replicate these various sounds, using only their voices. The result is a radiophonic performance, a show to listen to and watch, both recognizable and abstract, and in which notions about humanity, nature and machines are called into question. more ...
Performance in English & French and German with surtitles

Sat 28.03.15 19:30 h

»Take my hand, crush it, bruise it – take my heart ’cos I can’t use it.« Truth is all i need, Phil Hayes more ...
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