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FRI 15.12.2017
ATELIER Spezial: presentations by 
1/2/8 research residencies 

Drawing on PACT’s established ATELIER format, artists participating in this edition of the research format 1/2/8 will present sketches and excerpts from their current artistic focuses and/or initial results of their research during 1/2/8. In customary ATELIER style, visitors are invited to encounter their diverse artistic positions at their own time and pace during the course of a shared evening length programme which traditionally takes over the whole house. Read more

SUN 17.12.17 & MON 18.12.17
Polymer DMT/ Fang Yun Lo: ›Luceo‹
Performance for viewers from 3 years on

Devised for young audiences and winningly combining light, words and sounds with elements of parkour, contemporary dance and hip-hop, ›Luceo‹, follows four dancers on an incredible journey in search of a magical source of light. Framed by a strikingly stage set made up of versatile geometric shapes, their adventure takes them through radiant nocturnal landscapes and firefly fields. Read More


Within the framework of a new fellowship programme in 2017 we have invited eight artists who each work in independent contexts to jointly examine and rethink the possibilities of cooperative practises under the label HOOD.

HOOD comprises the internationally practising artists and former members of the Forsythe Company, Cyril Baldy, Katja Cheraneva, Frances Chiaverini,  Fabrice Mazliah, Roberta Mosca, Tilman O’Donnell and Elizabeth Waterhouse. Read more



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