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The former pithead baths today!

Again in 2017 we are delighted to start the New Year with our ever-popular ›Open Day‹. Some thirty years after the closure of the Zollverein colliery and 15 years following the founding of PACT, the former pithead baths is today home to the most diverse interactions and encounters.  And once again on this day PACT offers a fun packed opportunity for the whole family to come along and explore the present-day artists’ residence in all its complexity. Read more


Experimental science show for curious people aged 4–99

Don’t be afraid because in this interactive science show bangs, hisses, smoke and lightening are guaranteed! Brimming with lively humour, scientist Joachim Hecker amazes and entertains children and adults alike by playing music on a “water organ”, getting fire to burn underwater or, as if by magic, sprinkling everyone with artificial snow. Read more

03. - 04.02.17

Dance / Performance

›Protagonist‹ is a simmering parable about human existence: about connections and alliances, evolution and revolution, about isolation, control and alienation. Dancers from the world-renowned Cullberg Ballet are thrown into a high-energy arena of flashing lights, driving electro-sounds and all-senses-attacking hallucinatory effects in the proven combination of Jefta van Dinther’s physically-extreme movement vocabulary along with David Kiers’ alluring sound arrangements and Minna Tiikainen’s lighting effects. Read more

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