Residenzen 1-7/2016

HOOD - Host Organization For Productions (DE); Tian Rotteveel (DE/NL); Eva Meyer Keller & Uta Eisenreich (DE); Oleg Soulimenko (AUT/RUS) & Jasmin Hoffer (AUT); Henrietta Horn (DE); Antje Velsinger (DE); Katja Cheraneva (DE/RUS) & Frances Chiaverini (DE/US); Henri Hütt (EST); Ellinor Ljungkvis (DE/SWE); AFTERIMAGE – Minna Tiikkainen (NL/FL); Susanne Brenner (NL/DE); Helle Lyshøj (NL/DEN); Dewey Dell (IT); Davis Freeman (BE/US); Urândia Aragao (PT); Cie. Martine Pisani (FR); Ingrid Berger Mhyrre (NO) & Bastien Mignot (FR) & Lynda Rahal (FR); Gabel Eiben (BE); Ginevra Panzetti (DE/IT) & Enrico Ticconi (DE/IT); Bryan Campbell (FR/US); Maeva Cunci (BE)

Running all year round since 2002, the residency programme is at the heart of PACT Zollverein’s day to day work. Open to professional artists from home and abroad who work in the areas of dance, performance, media arts or music and closely linked to PACT’s two other core strands of activity in presenting work and facilitating research and development, the programme is a key element in PACT Zollverein’s profile as an Artists’ House supporting lively exchange between practice and theory. While occupying their own designated space and essentially working independently, residents may choose to take advantage of various kinds of production support such as dramaturgy, technical assistance, project management as well as press and publicity.

Thanks to the support of the Ministry for Families, Children, Youth, Culture and Sports of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, residency recipients receive a grant to cover their living expen­ses and travel costs. 

Residences are awarded twice a year by an international jury.

A residency project will not have a public showing!


The application deadline for residencies from January to mid July 2017 will be Friday, 1st of july 2016 at 10am.

Please note that we only accept applications submitted via our online application system. The application form will be online from Wednesday, 25th of may 2016!

If you have any questions or would like to be included on our newsletter emailing list please send an email to:


A residency can incorporate the following:

  • Studio space (from 63 to 173 sq.m.)
  • Local accommodation (maximum 6 people)
  • Weekly grant allowance for all of the residency project participants (maximum group of 6 people)
  • Travel costs covering one journey only per participant to and from PACT Zollverein (subject to prior agreement)
  • Technical equipment (by arrangement and subject to availability)
  • Stage rehearsals with professional technical supervision and support (by arrangement and subject to availability)

More Information

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Supported by Ministerium für Familie, Kinder, Jugend, Kultur und Sport des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen

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