PACT Zollverein’s research and development formats offer students, artists, researchers, practitioners and academics from different disciplines diverse chances to involve themselves in temporary working and learning communities and situations. PACT Zollverein is a versatile, open and communicative setting which can transform from a theatre to a cinema, to a seminar venue, a late night bar, a gallery, an open air stage or a concert hall. This flexibility, in combi- nation with professional support resources, makes it an unrivalled location for artists from the region and around the world to investigate, test and question artistic strategies and practices.





AN interactive symposium in 3 episodes in 3 days

IMPACT is a flexible series of exchange orientated events aimed at artists, students, academics and journalists from the fields of dance, theatre and media.In the form of interactive symposiums, the events in 2004, 2005 and 2007 introduced the different working methods and practices of three artists, or groups of artists, under the headings ›Strategies and scope of theatrical practices‹, ›Tracing Translation‹ and ›Alles nur Tarnung / Nothing but disguise‹. Each day's agenda was devised and led by the invited artists and opened the way f or participants to discuss, reflect and experiment together.



Feldstärke is a weekend long encounter with the work of students from leading arts schools and academies in the NRW region specialising in varied fields including the performing arts, photography, film, video, installation and media arts. As well as offering approx. 40 young artists a shared roof under which to present a self-curated exhibition of their own work to the general public, feldstärke incorporates an internal programme of events which promotes practice orientated interdisciplinary exchange between the students by allowing them time and space to examine the expressive forms and strategies behind their own work, reflect on the points of view of others and try out new ideas together.


On economy and art

The second part of Borderline, a PACT research project that deals with the latest practice and concepts at the point where art and the economy connect, gives rise to a film installation entitled ›Choreography of Organising‹. In the film cultural scientist Eva Kiefer and scenographer Katleen Arthen go looking for the essential constants of dance – space, movement and rhythm – within industrial production methods employed by companies based in and around Essen. A book is to be published that documents the film installation as well as the symposium that took place last winter. Further texts are to follow and the result will be a selective insight into the areas where art and economy cross over and intersect.

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