Meg Stuart on the making of her piece ›CASCADE‹

On Stage

»With great compassion and a sense of humor, Stuart looks at the resilience of the little human trying to hold on in a world that is in disarray.« – Charlotte De Somviele, De Standaard, September 2021

In CASCADE, Meg Stuart and seven dancers look for ways to resist the arrow of time. Meeting in structures of rhythmic complexity, they propel their bodies and imaginations into a new temporal space, envisioning a new earth and rebalancing inevitable outcomes. 

In a game of refusal and care, disruption becomes a driving force: rushes and falls succeed one another, bodies lose their bearings, principles are repeated, interrupted and transformed. Hovering at the edge of uncertainty,the dancers wonder what kind of dream they need to give up in order to keep dreaming, what kind of body they need to acquire to keep going. CASCADE is a surrender to what we don’t know about the other. Stuart collaborated with set designer and theater maker Philippe Quesne to bring this flickering, fluctuating world to life. Driven by Brendan Dougherty‘s sound score, performed live by two percussionists, the dancers embark on a free fall through the crumbling of time.

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