Praxis / Workshops

PACT Zollverein’s working field ›Praxis‹ invites artists, practitioners, teachers and theoreticians working in different disciplines to hold workshops and concentrated practical study periods in PACT’s studios.

Alexander Technique Workshops with Jule Gartzke

Open to beginners through to those with experience

The regularly scheduled Alexander Technique weekend workshops are aimed at professional artists, students of dance, performance, art and related fields as well as the public at large.


Sat 15.09.18 from 17.00 - 19.00h 
Sun 16.09.18 from 12.00 - 14.00h 

Sat 13.10.18 from 17.00 - 19.00h 
Sun 14.10.18 from 12.00 - 14.00h 

Fee: 40€ pro weekend workshop (6 hrs), 50% reduction for professionals and students. Places are limited!
Please register by sending an email with contact telephone number to

with Julia Schlenkert:

Every Thursday morning from 9:00 – 10:00h

Price: 5 € pro session. Just drop by, no registration required.

PACTPACKAGE for Students:
Programme winter/spring 2018

This season we are once again offering a series of PACTPackages for students in the form of workshops and discussions in accompaniment to selected events on our programme.

To take part in a PACTPackage for students you need to register by email at least five days before the event. Simply send a short email to with “PACTPackage (number…)” in the subject line.

1 PACTPackage = 1 Performance + Workshop/Artist discussion = 9 EUR
(places subject to availability)

PACTPackage #1:

SAT 27.01., 16-19 h
Workshop: Anja Müller (performer & musician)


SAT 27.01. 20 h
Performance: Alma Söderberg, ›Deep Etude‹‹


PACTPackage #2:

SAT 17.02., 16 — 19 h
Workshop: Roberta Mosca (HOOD)


SAT 17.02., 20 h
Performance: Paula Pi, ›ECCE (H)OMO‹


PACTPackage #3:

SAT 09.06., 16—19 h
Workshop: Frances Chiaverini (HOOD)


SAT 09.06., 20 h
Performance: Forced Entertainment, ›Out Of Order‹

PACTPackage #4:

SAT 29.09., 15—18 h
Workshop: Tilman O’Donnell (HOOD)


SAT 29.09., 20 h
Performance: Polymer DMT / Fang Yun Lo ›UNSOLVED‹


PACTPackage #5:

SAT 06.10., 14.30—17 h
Workshop: Jefta van Dinther (dancer / choreographer)


SAT 06.10., 20 h
Performance: Jefta van Dinther ›Dark Field Analysis‹


PACTPackage #6:

SAT 24.11., 13.30—16 h
Workshop: Claire Vivianne Sobbotke (dancer / performer)


SAT 24.11., 20 h
Performance: Meg Stuart & Jompet Kuswidananto / Damaged Goods ›Celestial Sorrow‹