More events as part of PACT Sommerfest 2013

Fri 21.06.13 20:00 h
Albert Quesada
Sat 22.06.13 20:00 h
Jonathan Burrows
Matteo Fargion
Performance in English
Sat 22.06.13 21:30 h
Sun 23.06.13 16:30 h
Naoko Tanaka
Sun 23.06.13 18:00 h
Pieter Ampe & Jakob Ampe / CAMPO
Performance in English

How much creative potential lies in destruction?  Does manipulation offer an insight into the true nature of things? In her live installation ›Worktable‹, open for several days in a series of rooms at PACT Zollverein, performer and choreographer Kate Mcintosh invites visitors to engage in a complicit task of dismantling and reassembling:  Once inside you are given instructions, equipment and safety goggles so you can get to work - it's up to you to decide how things come apart, and how they come back together… 

Kate McIntosh (NZ/BE)

Kate McIntosh (NZ/BE), is an artist based in Brussels and working across the boundaries of performance, theatre, video and installation. Born in 1974 in New Zealand and originally trained in dance, she has performed internationally since 1995 with artists including Wendy Houstoun, Meryl Tankard Australian Dance Theatre, Cie Michèle Anne de Mey, Random Scream, Simone Aughterlony and Tim Etchells. more...

TICKETS: 5 €/ reduced 3 €
Reservations: call PACT Zollverein 0201-2894710/-20

Concept and realization:  Kate McIntosh

Production: SPIN

The Worktable installation was realised at the Battersea Arts Centre, London in the frame of the event 'Performance is a Dirty Work' organised by Roehampton University London.

Thanks to: Bruno Roubicek, Hester Chillingworth, Caroline Daish, Palli Banine, Ant Hampton, Joe Kelleher, Tim Etchells, Adrian Heathfield, Simon Bayly

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