Conference / Public panel discussion

Public panel discussion

So 26. 11. 16 h

Open podium discussion with dance journalists from various forms of media and representatives of the Zukunftsakademie NRW

The potential of intermediality in dance journalism in respect to participation in a culturally diverse society.

Once again this year, PACT is hosting the conference ›Perspective Dance Journalism‹, which brings together a group of around 25 dance journalists from Germany and other German-speaking countries. A significant outcome of the first successful meeting last year was the founding of the TANZ.MEDIA e.V. - Verein für Qualitätsjournalismus im Tanz (Association for quality dance journalism) as well as the dance blog Viereinhalb Sätze Four point Five: Writing on Dance.

This year’s meeting will continue to address the position and positioning of dance in news reporting and the search for current and future orientation in both the art form and journalism. Individual topics on the agenda include operating or taking action with language and languages, the ideals and capabilities of quality reporting in the media, the situation of young journalists in the sector as well as wider social analytical perspectives. 

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