Our Programme
Overview, November – December 2017


Fri 24.11.17 20:00 h

Sat 25.11.17 20:00 h

She’s brutally executed cherries, cooked up catastrophes in which you can literally taste the end of the world and even taught theatre props to dance: In her internationally presented acclaimed works, Eva Meyer-Keller repeatedly examines the relationship between art and science. In her latest production, she appropriates a series of scientific paradigms or models in mathematics and the natural sciences as performative scores for expansive, choreographed scenarios carried out in collaboration with three other performers and the help of everyday household objects.

Sun 26.11.17 16:00 h

Conference / Public panel discussion
The potential of intermediality in dance journalism in respect to participation in a culturally diverse society.


Fri 15.12.17 19:00 h

Research festival with residencies / talks / workshops and performances
Follow its successful launch earlier this year, the second research festival 1/2/8 sees PACT given over in its entirety to an assembly of international artists, scientists and experts for a three-week focused exchange of knowledge and actions.

Mon 18.12.17 - Wed 20.12.17

discussions / Performances / workshops
PACT plays host for the fourth year running to ›DYNAMO‹, the dance platform for young people organised by the nrw landesbuero tanz. ›DYNAMO‹ is all about youth dance and features stage presentations of dance pieces made by young people under the expert guidance of dancers, choreographers and dance teachers at their schools, youth groups or dance clubs.


Mon 18.12.17 11:00 h

Dance/Performance for children over 5
Devised for young audiences and winningly combining light, words and sounds with elements of parkour, contemporary dance and hip-hop, ›Luceo‹, follows four dancers on an incredible journey in search of a magical source of light. Framed by a strikingly stage set made up of versatile geometric shapes, their adventure takes them through radiant nocturnal landscapes and firefly fields.
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