Artist talk
Forced EnterTainment & hood
SAT 29.04. after the performance

As one of just ten from over 370 eligible productions, Forced Entertainment have been shortlisted for the Berliner Theatertreffen 2017 with ›Real Magic‹ which was co-produced by PACT and premiered here last May. Now The Ibsen Award winning group are back for the world premiere of their latest piece ›Dirty Work (The Late Shift)‹, in which two performers conjure an extraordinary performance in a collaborative and competitive act of description.

From vast explosions to sub-atomic particles, with daily life, political interludes, dramas and cabaret turns in between, no event is too large and no image unstageable for the protagonists, whose game of imaginary theatre takes the audience on a roller coaster ride, celebrating the power of language to make things happen.

From theatrical spectacle to historical events, daily life to impossible feats, cabaret to political speeches, and from sublime beauty to vivid terrors, everything is here, in provocative, intimate and comical style. Accompanied by the sound of piano on a battered record player, ›Dirty Work (The Late Shift)‹, explores and exposes a world in which real life is so often presented as spectacle.

Returning to their 1998 performance ›Dirty Work‹, Forced Entertainment have created a new version of the work that goes deeper into the comical and unsettling territory they established just before the turn of the Millennium. ›Dirty Work (The Late Shift)‹ develops the simple but immensely generative form of described or imagined events and celebrates the power of language to make things happen, co-opting the imaginative capacities of the audience to bring a delirium of images, scenes and events to the stage in bewildering and unnerving succession.

Keine Dauerveranstaltung

Forced Entertainment (GB)

Forced Entertainment (GB) is an ensemble of six artists led by director and writer Tim Etchells. Formed in 1984, the group make original work for diverse art forms from their base in Sheffield, UK. Originally focused on making and touring theatre performances, Forced Entertainment’s work now spans theatre, durational performance / live art, gallery installation, video and digital media. The group’s work has been presented throughout the UK, in Europe, the USA, Canada and further afield. more...

Advance sales: 11 € / red. 6 €
Box office: 13 € / red. 8 €
(incl. VRR-Ticket)

Production:  Forced Entertainment
Co-production: PACT Zollverein (Essen), HAU Hebbel Am Ufer (Berlin)

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