Our Programme
Overview, July – September 2016


Thu 25.08.16 20:00 h

Fri 26.08.16 20:00 h

Sat 27.08.16 20:00 h

Sun 28.08.16 20:00 h

›Sketches/Notebook‹ is a performance experience bringing different art forms together in a ritual reformulating interdisciplinary forms of cooperation. Created during a residency  at the HAU Hebbel am Ufer Berlin, the project marks a new alliance for Stuart and her company.


Sat 03.09.16 12:00 h

After last year’s very positive launch involving 52 participating organisations, this unique communal project aimed at heightening the visibility and awareness of cultural and social opportunities and activities in the district of Katernberg returns with a second edition! Once again a host of local institutions, social groups, organizations, places of worship, surgeries, cafes, shops and private households throughout Katernberg will open their doors to the immediate community and interested visitors.

Thu 08.09.16 20:00 h

Fri 09.09.16 20:00 h

Sat 10.09.16 20:00 h

Sun 11.09.16 20:00 h

Music / Theatre / Dance
›Meyoucycle‹ (me-you-cycle) is a political science fiction fantasy concert about expression in the age of hyper-capitalism and technological mediation. Personal ads and old-school letters, chat-bots, tweets and untameable rants, poetic terrorism, sound and image collide in a rumination on contemporary and near-future life and the intense forces and interfaces that shape it.
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