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Krzysztof Honowski: And Now The Screen Is Struck By Lightning / Episode One: Always Is

For our residency at PACT Zollverein we wanted to develop ›And Now The Screen Is Struck By Lightning‹, a piece that we had begun as a live film installation at Tropez Berlin in the Summer of 2019. Here instead is the first part of the lockdown version of this work. The second part will be presented online by Tropez later in the summer.

Michiel Vandevelde: ›Ends of Worlds‹

In his work ›Ends of Worlds‹, which Vandevelde would have shown at PACT in May, the choreographer looks into a distant and yet uncomfortably near future. For #PACTconnected, he has now made a video in which he revisits the epilogue of the performance. ›Ends of Worlds‹ takes place in the year 2300. The date marks year zero for reproduced homo sapiens informed by the algorithmic memories and patterns of the past. Their dances and choreographies bring to mind fragments that have survived the past - moments of historical catastrophes, collective traumas as well as the legacies of choreographers from the recent history of western modern and contemporary dance

Boglárka Börcsök: ›The Art of Movement‹

›THE ART OF MOVEMENT‹ is a sensual and insightful film about three elderly dancers from Budapest. Irén, Éva and Ágnes - all between 90 and 100 years old – were once part of the early modern dance movement in Hungary. Taking on the roles of both dance student and dialogue partner, Boglárka retraces how each of these elderly dancers transformed their lives and movement practices in order to survive the major socio-political changes of the last century.

Flora Détraz: On ›Muyte Maker‹

In her video, choreographer Flora Détraz offers us a closer, more intimate insight into her work ›Muyte Maker‹, which she would have presented at PACT during our Spring Festival 2020: She shares her influences and sketches, designs for both the choreography and singing, as well as models in art history that inspired her production’s fulminant setting. 

Alexandra Bachzetsis: Chasing a Ghost

›Chasing a Ghost‹, the latest work by artist and choreographer Alexandra Bachzetsis, questions the choreographic archetype of the duet in a succession of doubles und doublings of bodies, sounds, spaces and images staged in a spectrum of violence and desire. The performance was due to celebrate its German premiere on the 03.04. at PACT. In the meantime, Alexandra has put together a short film featuring footage from the world premiere of ›Chasing a Ghost‹ at the Art Institute of Chicago.

Falling Into Place

This project – in the form of three short improvised video pieces, linked or connected as chapters – had its informal beginnings in the early days of the lockdown in the UK. In early March we had abandoned physical rehearsals in Sheffield for a new theatre work, ›Under Bright Light‹, which was due to open in Germany on 23rd April.


The artists’ group HOOD invited 30 dance practitioners to take part in a nine-day critical exchange at Zollverein – the ARTIST SUMMIT in the frame of the Dance Platform in Germany 2018. To give an insight into the event, HOOD created a publication which documents the material and immaterial outcomes of the encounter.  

Marko Gutić Mižimakov, Vienne Chan, Obsessive Possessive Aggression & International Dance Terrorist Organisation

Split into fractions of micro and macro involvement and influence, our group operated on two levels. We investigated how power moves between different actors in a space designed to encourage participation, and how the space responds to unscripted actors. To what extent is culture already closed and how can it be opened to non-normalized notions of culture?

Astrid Kaminski

In ihrer Residenz beschäftigten sich Astrid Kaminski (freie Journalistin und Publizistin), Tabea Magyar (Lyrikerin), Anna Nowicka (Tänzerin, Pädagogin und Psychologin), Sarah De Sanctis (Autorin und Übersetzerin) und Seda Niğbolu (freie Journalistin und Übersetzerin) mit den Schnittstellen von Körper, Bild und Text.