More events as part of Spring Festival 2017

Fri 31.03.17 17:00 h
Sat 01.04.17 16:00 h
Sun 02.04.17 14:30 h
Begüm Erciyas
audio installation
Fri 31.03.17 22:00 h
Lea Porcelain
Sat 01.04.17 16:00 h
Sun 02.04.17 14:30 h
Sat 01.04.17 20:00 h
Vania Vaneau
Anna Massoni
Sun 02.04.17 14:30 h
Live music and Jam session with the Brasileirinhos
Sun 02.04.17 16:30 h
Louis Vanhaverbeke
Performance / Object Theatre



Cover the windows, barricade the doors, store up on supplies and prepare for an attack when the "Return of the Zombie" takes to the stage at PACT. As part of her artistic research instrumentalizing the figure of a zombie as a metaphor for contemporary subjectivity, choreographer and dancer Dragana Bulut looks at the fragile relation between reality and fiction and perceptively exposes the mechanisms through which our reality is constructed.

Dragana Bulut has performed amongst others for Meg Stuart, Tino Sehgal, Ivo Dimchev and Charles Linehan. She has been developing her own performance work since 2005 and won the Prix Jardin d’Europe European prize for choreography in 2010.

Keine Dauerveranstaltung

Advance sales / Box office:
8 € / red. 5 €
(Spring Festival Price incl. VRR-Ticket)

Author:  Dragana Bulut
Artistic collaboration: Ljiljana Tasić, Ana Monteiro, Sara Tosic Performance:  Dragana Bulut, Sara Tošić, Ksenija Djurović
Dramaturgy: Ana Vujanović
Production: Ksenija Djurović
Support: Station Service for contemporary dance (Belgrade), [DNA] Departures and Arrivals, scholarship from the Governing Mayor of Berlin, Senate Chancellery – Cultural Affairs, Ministry of Culture of Serbia, Bitef Theatre (Belgrade), Workspacebrussels
[DNA] Departures and Arrivals is co-financed by the European Union through the Creative Europe programme

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