More events as part of Spring Festival 2017

Fri 31.03.17 17:00 h
Sat 01.04.17 16:00 h
Sun 02.04.17 14:30 h
Begüm Erciyas
audio installation
Fri 31.03.17 20:00 h
Dragana Bulut
Performance in English
Fri 31.03.17 22:00 h
Lea Porcelain
Sat 01.04.17 16:00 h
Sun 02.04.17 14:30 h
Sun 02.04.17 14:30 h
Live music and Jam session with the Brasileirinhos
Sun 02.04.17 16:30 h
Louis Vanhaverbeke
Performance / Object Theatre

›Ornement‹ goes to the borderlines between inside and outside, the visible and the hidden, substance and memory.

The dividing lines blur and disintegrate in the porous bodies of Vania Vaneau and Anna Massoni and allow space for a choreography of transformation. Held in constant change, the physical expression between crystallisation and liquefaction becomes material for alternating states of aggregation. Vaneau and Missoni engage constantly with the objects that surround them. The supposed passive setting becomes a player of equal status. As they interact, fascinating landscapes engaging all the senses unfold. ›Ornement‹ allows patterns to be recognised, gestures to be exposed, like fragments of prehistoric history that the performers register in the here and now: skin becomes decoration, hands and eyes become jewels – become ornaments.

Keine Dauerveranstaltung

Advance sales / Box office:
8 € / red. 5 €
(Spring Festival price incl. VRR-Ticket)

Choreography, performance:  Anna Massoni & Vania Vaneau
Lighting: Angela Massoni
Music: Denis Mariotte
Scenography:  Anna Massoni & Vania Vaneau, Jordi Gali
Outside eyes: Jordi Gali, Vincent Weber, Simone Truong
Production: Arrangement Provisoire
Co-production:  Paris Réseau Danse (Atelier de Paris, Théâtre de l'Étoile du Nord, Studio Le Regard du Cygne, Micadanses)
Support: DRAC Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (aide au projet), Fondation Beaumarchais-SACD, Le Pacifique – CDC Grenoble, Le Vivat scène conventionnée, Le Point Ephémère, Micadanses, L’échangeur – CDC Picardie, Le Gymnase – CDC Roubaix, Le CCN de Grenoble, Les Subsistances (Lyon), LIEUES (Lyon)

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