Our Programme
Overview, December 2017 – January 2018


Sun 17.12.17 15:00 h

Mon 18.12.17 11:00 h

Dance/Performance for children over 3
Devised for young audiences and winningly combining light, words and sounds with elements of parkour, contemporary dance and hip-hop, ›Luceo‹, follows four dancers on an incredible journey in search of a magical source of light. Framed by a strikingly stage set made up of versatile geometric shapes, their adventure takes them through radiant nocturnal landscapes and firefly fields.

Mon 18.12.17 - Wed 20.12.17

discussions / Performances / workshops
PACT plays host for the fourth year running to ›DYNAMO‹, the dance platform for young people organised by the nrw landesbuero tanz. ›DYNAMO‹ is all about youth dance and features stage presentations of dance pieces made by young people under the expert guidance of dancers, choreographers and dance teachers at their schools, youth groups or dance clubs.


Sat 20.01.18 12:00 h

Our ever-popular ›Open Day‹ is a fun packed opportunity for the whole family to come along and explore the former pithead baths in its lively present-day incarnation. Things to see and do include our now legendary display of stage lighting and special effects with dry ice, wind machines and much more; an adventure playground with thousands of building bricks; arts and crafts activities; face painting, and a transforming photo setting where children of all ages can re-create themselves as fantasy figures.

Fri 26.01.18 20:00 h

Sat 27.01.18 19:00 h

In ›Deep Etude‹, the Swedish choreographer and singer Alma Söderberg develops an in-depth study of the embodiment of rhythm centring around the idea of polyrhythm. By layering recorded electronic sounds, live voice and dance, she creates a complex composition in which our perceptions of listening and viewing seem to be inextricably linked. As movement and sound exchange roles, the foreground and background shift, the dance becomes the music's backtrack while the movement excavates the sound and brings it to the surface.
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