Our Programme
Overview, January – April 2015


Fri 30.01.15 20:00 h

Sat 31.01.15 20:00 h

Different people will understand the same thing in a different way. (Sol LeWitt, Artforum, June 1967)   more ...


Sun 01.02.15 16:00 h

Mon 02.02.15 10:30 h

Multimedia performance experience for children and adults
Are you sure that what you see is everything there is to see?  Is the world you live in the only one? Is there perhaps another universe that you can only reach through a secret entrance?  more ...

Fri 13.02.15 20:00 h

Sat 14.02.15 20:00 h

Dance / Performance
In multi-award winning productions such as ›GRIND‹ or ›The Plateau Effect‹ for the Cullberg Ballet, Jefta van Dinther has developed an unmistakable choreographic signature that has received wide acclaim from audiences and critics alike. Drawing on scientific findings in perception psychology, his works condense the individual components of body, light and sound into one single inescapable, all-encompassing sensory experience. more ...

Thu 19.02.15 20:00 h

Fri 20.02.15 20:00 h

»Gordon Monahan produces sounds we haven’t heard before« John Cage more ...


Thu 19.02.15 20:00 h

Fri 20.02.15 20:00 h

Solo-Performance in English
The core of theatre maker, artist and writer Tim Etchells’ latest solo work is a live remixing of pages from his notebook – a single sprawling word document in which, over many years, he has gathered fragments of text, ideas, overheard conversation, cut-paste quotations from newspapers and web pages, ideas for performances, rough drafts, and other notes. more ...


Fri 13.03.15 19:00 h

Sat 14.03.15 19:00 h

This special edition of our ATELIER series is devoted to works which have come out of our artists in residency programme over the last twelve years.  Over two days, we will be presenting a broad selection of dance, music, film, photography, media and performance art drawn from the rich pool of around 500 artists, collectives and groups that have worked in residency at PACT since 2002. more ...

Sat 28.03.15 - Sun 29.03.15

The last weekend in March heralds a brand new edition of PACT’s Spring Festival featuring a vibrant array of performance art. more ...
As part of

Spring Festival 2015

Sat 28.03.15 17:30 h

Audio performance
What does nature have to say? To find out, Myriam Van Imschoot visited a zoo, used a tuning fork to listen to a motorway and discovered birds that sound like chainsaws or can imitate the ringtones of mobile phones. Drawing on a variety of field recordings, five performers – with backgrounds in the noise underground scene and pop – replicate these various sounds, using only their voices. The result is a radiophonic performance, a show to listen to and watch, both recognizable and abstract, and in which notions about humanity, nature and machines are called into question. more ...


As part of

Spring Festival 2015

Sat 28.03.15 19:30 h

Performance in English & French and German with surtitles
»Take my hand, crush it, bruise it – take my heart ’cos I can’t use it.« Truth is all i need, Phil Hayes more ...
As part of

Spring Festival 2015

Sat 28.03.15 21:00 h

Interactive performance installation
›Karaoke (ART)‹ is a unique event resonating out of the collision of contemporary art and the karaoke phenomenon. Random Scream invited 15 internationally acclaimed artists to create their own video for a popular karaoke song. Each artist was given a selection of songs to choose from and asked to use their own personal style to reflect on what it’s like to live in the world today with the song as their conduit. The artists were free to create whatever video they desired as long as it clearly embedded the karaoke music and words. more ...
As part of

Spring Festival 2015

Sun 29.03.15 16:00 h

Installation performance
Following ›Die Scheinwerferin‹, and ›Absolute Helligkeit‹, prize winning media artist and performer Naoko Tanaka returns to PACT with ›Unverinnerlicht‹ the final part of her ›Shadow Trilogy‹. Working deliberately with skillful and subtle interplays of light and darkness rather than existing or digitally manipulated images, Tanaka’s enthralling installation performance invites the audience to test the bounds of their powers of sight, deduction and imagination.  more ...
As part of

Spring Festival 2015

Sun 29.03.15 17:30 h

Dance / performance in English
Melody and rhythm have always come before lyrics and meaning for Henri Hütt. In ›Rhythm is a dancer‹, created in part during a residency at PACT in 2013, the Estonian choreographer and dancer sets out to identify his own personal rhythm. Using short video, text and music clips, he skips backwards and forwards in time comparing how he experiences a certain rhythm now with how he experienced it on first encounter in the past. What rhythm should he follow? more ...


Wed 08.04.15 - Sun 12.04.15

PROGRAMME WED 08.04.15 18:00 H FRI 10.04.15 18:00 H SAT 11.04.15 18:00 H more ...

Wed 08.04.15 18:00 h

Fri 10.04.15 18:00 h

Sat 11.04.15 18:00 h

Sun 12.04.15 13:00 h

Interactive installation
How much creative potential lies in destruction?  Does manipulation offer an insight into the true nature of things? In her live installation ›Worktable‹, the performance, theatre, video and installation artist Kate McIntosh invites visitors to engage in a complicit task of dismantling and reassembling:  Once inside you are given instructions, equipment and safety goggles so you can get to work - it's up to you to decide how things come apart, and how they come back together. more ...

Wed 08.04.15 18:00 h

Fri 10.04.15 18:00 h

Sat 11.04.15 18:00 h

Sun 12.04.15 13:00 h

Video installation
›De-Placed‹ is a multi-screen video installation created by Kate McIntosh in collaboration with Eva Meyer-Keller. Shifting through the city, from inside to out, the two artists constructed small installations in the locations they found, ping-ponging images between them - each action challenging the other to a reply. The result is an inventory of the world that is constantly expanding as a result of the mischievous ‘de-placement’ of the things it contains. more ...

Wed 08.04.15 20:00 h

Performance in English
Kate McIntosh’s solo performance ›All Ears‹, which premiered at PACT in 2013, is driven by her ongoing fascination with destruction and creation, sense and nonsense, the whole and the fractured, by her playfulness with the audience and love of theatrical images. With an off-beat humour and moments of lucid thought, the performance, balances on the thin line between experiment and entertainment. more ...


Fri 10.04.15 20:00 h

Sat 11.04.15 20:00 h

Performance in English
›Dark Matter‹ by Kate McIntosh wondrously defies categorization.  Moderated by a female figure standing in the spotlight wearing a sparkling dress and a long, grey beard and with the help of two assistants, some small strange dances, and a few materials, the performance approaches the big scientific-philosophical questions in a show-biz/late-night theatre style: time and gravity, being and not being, thought and the body. more ...

Sun 12.04.15 12:00 h

Talk in English
On the closing day of our portrait of Kate McIntosh the general public is warmly invited to join her for a talk about her work across the boundaries of performance, theatre, video and installation over a relaxed brunch in PACT’s foyer. A selection of Kate’s video and installation work will also be on show from 13:00h as well as her live installation ›Worktable‹.  more ...
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