Our Programme
Overview, October – December 2015


Fri 23.10.15 20:00 h

Sat 24.10.15 20:00 h

Dance / performance in English
From London to New York, Paris to Berlin, Shiraz to Taiwan, from Bertolt Brecht to Marcel Duchamp, Rudolf Laban to Martha Graham, from Merce Cunningham to David Gordon and Yvonne Rainer, from John Cage to Morton Feldman and La Monte Young, from Brian de Palma to Woody Allen and from King Lear to Othello: more ...

Fri 30.10.15 20:00 h

Sat 31.10.15 20:00 h

Performance / Installation
In a new and extended version of his exhibition performance ›my shapes, your words, their grey‹, Austrian choreographer Philipp Gehmacher invites the audience to roam freely through a landscape of densely interwoven physical actions, sculptures and large format video projections. During the encounter which is accompanied live by French musician and artist Gérald Kurdian, Gehmacher addresses how fundamental questions in the performing and visual arts have informed and challenged his artistic practice. more ...


Fri 06.11.15 20:00 h

Sat 07.11.15 20:00 h

Dance / Performance
In June 2015 choreographer and regular PACT guest artist, Fabrice Mazliah, created a new work in collaboration with dancers of The Forsythe Company, which looks at how the understanding acquired by a community of dancers can be revealed to a public and simultaneously evolve towards something new. Recognizing that their actions are tangled with thoughts, but certainly not replaced by them, ›In Act and Thought‹ recomposes the performers’ working knowledge within an intricate machinery of shifting curtains. more ...

Fri 20.11.15 20:00 h

Sat 21.11.15 20:00 h

Dance / Performance
Since he was appointed ›Affiliated Artist‹ at PACT in 2013, Düsseldorf based choreographer Ben J. Riepe has researched and presented diverse works here exploring the boundaries between visual art, music theatre and performance. His latest production ›Untitled: Persona‹ gives center place to the human body as a conveyor of meaning, a projection surface and equally as a blank unwritten page. more ...


Thu 26.11.15 20:00 h

Founded in 1990 and now regarded as one of the leading ensembles for contemporary music in Europe, Ensemble Musikfabrik is one of the three protagonists leading this year’s edition of IMPACT. To mark the occasion, Musikfabrik pianist Ulrich Löffler presents the chamber concert ›im freien – out of doors – en plein air‹. Inspired by Morton Feldman’s ›Nature Pieces for Piano‹, Löffler went in search of contemporary works related to nature only to find it to be a strangely neglected theme amongst composers of today. more ...


Thu 10.12.15 19:00 h

Sat 12.12.15 15:30 h

photo art / Dance / Installation / Performance / Video
PACT’s hugely popular Atelier series offers emerging and established artists from home and abroad a chance to present work, either finished or in process, to the general public during a shared evening length programme which traditionally takes over the whole house.  In conclusion to our autumn season shifting the traditional boundaries of stage and auditorium, we’ve invited old friends and new acquaintances from PACT’s 13 year history to contribute to a special Atelier edition bringing visual and performance art into a dynamic dialogue with its setting. more ...

Thu 17.12.15 10:30 h

Fri 18.12.15 10:30 h

exchanges / Performances / workshops
PACT plays host for the third time to ›dynamo‹, the dance platform for young people organised by the nrw landesbuero tanz. ›dynamo‹ is all about youth dance and includes presentations of dance pieces created by young people with professional dancers, choreographers and teachers as well as a programme offering specialist back-up and workshops for dance dissemination experts. This year’s edition is accompanied by the photo exhibition ›Drehmomente‹ featuring images from the previous two years.  more ...
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