Our Programme
Overview, July – October 2017


Fri 25.08.17 19:00 h

Sat 26.08.17 18:00 h

Sun 27.08.17 18:00 h

Theatre / Dance / Installation / Ruhrtriennale performance
2015: Hell. 2016: Purgatory. 2017: Paradise. According to the logic of Dante’s ›Divine Comedy‹ which provides the point of departure for Siegal’s Ruhrtriennale trilogy, Dante’s journey through the afterlife concludes in ›El Dorado‹ with redemption in heaven.


Sat 02.09.17 17:00 h

Sat 02.09.17 20:00 h

Sun 03.09.17 17:00 h

Sat 09.09.17 17:00 h

Sat 09.09.17 22:00 h

Sun 10.09.17 17:00 h

Ruhrtriennale performance
›Dienstbare Geister‹ (“subservient spirits”) tells of two migratory journeys in opposite directions. In 1905 an impoverished young woman leaves Berlin and emigrates to the German colony of Cameroon. Her social advancement is achieved at the expense of her native neighbours and servants who are engaged in stubborn but futile resistance against the Germans.

Wed 06.09.17 20:00 h

Thu 07.09.17 20:00 h

Fri 08.09.17 20:00 h

Sat 09.09.17 20:00 h

Dance / As part of Ruhrtriennale
In his latest production ›CAEN AMOUR‹, New York choreographer Trajal Harrell prompts a sensuous encounter between the legendary dance and Art Nouveau icon, Loïe Fuller and the founder of the dance performance art Butoh, Tatsumi Hijikata. Swathed in flowing garments and inspired by Oriental concepts, Fuller’s dancing was simultaneously avant-garde and Vaudeville in nature and posthumously hailed as modern dance.

Sat 09.09.17 12:00 h

At different locations throughout Essen-Katernberg
For the third year running, a host of local institutions, social groups, organizations, places of worship, surgeries, cafes, shops and private households throughout Katernberg are opening their doors to the immediate community and interested visitors. Aimed at heightening the visibility and awareness of cultural and social opportunities and activities in the district of Katernberg, this unique communal project offers fun opportunities to explore both familiar and unexpected facets of local life and gain a greater appreciation of the neighbourhood’s cultural diversity.


Fri 15.09.17 18:00 h

Sat 16.09.17 18:00 h

Sun 17.09.17 18:00 h

As part of Ruhrtriennale
The “Global South” cannot be identified by a glance at the map; a South that defies to be determined by geographical or economical determining, a South that is many, holds different ways of thinking, points of view and, at the same time, is conventionally considered to all intents and purposes below the North.


Sun 01.10.17 12:00 h

RuhrBühnen theatre tour
The RuhrBühnen cultural network, which comprises eleven municipal or publicly funded theatres in the Ruhr District, is running daylong tours on which visitors can discover a wealth of music, performance, dance and drama productions on offer amidst the region’s outstanding theatre landscape. Each of the parallel tours will visit 3 different RuhrBühnen theatres. The individual tour routes and performance details will however remain a surprise!
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