Our Programme
Overview, May – September 2015


Sat 16.05.15 14:00 h

Now in its tenth year and following stops in Los Angeles, Istanbul, Kyoto and France, PACT’s interdisciplinary platform feldstärke is again concentrating its focus on the local region. The coming edition brings together around 40 participants following courses in performance, choreography, graphics, video and media art, design, animation, photography, music and visual art at different university faculties in nrw, for an open and practice orientated exchange. more ...

Thu 21.05.15 18:30 h

Fri 22.05.15 18:30 h

Beursschouwburg – an arts centre in the heart of Brussels – takes the bus towards Essen. They’re bringing a small group of artists and an enthusiastic audience with them. more ...
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Thu 21.05.15 18:30 h

Fri 22.05.15 18:30 h

With: Pieterjan Ginckels, Dennis Tyfus, Jóhanna Kristbjörg Sigurdardóttir, Gerard Herman, SPIN, Gerard-Jan Claes & Olivia Rochette,  more ...
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Thu 21.05.15 19:30 h

Fri 22.05.15 19:30 h

With the help of his real friends and family members, Dutch Artist Feiko Beckers recounts and stages personal stories and experiences that often revolve around personal failures, accidents and embarrassments. His work is an attempt to find answers to the unexpected and relentless nature of these unfortunate events. Incorporating video, performance, spoken text, sculptures and even songs, he sets up engaging tales, which are always interrupted unexpectedly, thereby signaling their unavoidable and pre-determined failure. more ...


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Thu 21.05.15 20:00 h

Fri 22.05.15 20:00 h

›Mystery Magnet‹ is a performance by Belgian visual artist and theatre maker Miet Warlop made of moments of fragile illusionism, where fantasy and reality coexist. Sketching out a haunted world where humour is born from sadness and magic from the prosaic, seemingly unconnected figures, sculptures, tableaux vivants emerge from the darkness of the stage like theatrical creatures entering a terrain where freakish cuteness and desensitised cruelty, glittering promises and unstoppable destruction share a common space. more ...
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Thu 21.05.15 21:00 h

Even an ardent purist would never dare to accuse them of reserved jams. Dans Dans (BE / jazzy noir) creates a headstrong world with rolling drums, pumping bass and elastic guitars. But it is especially live – dancing on a knife edge – that the band really reveals its true character: that of restlessly, constantly innovation-craving music junkies. more ...
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Friendly Takeover

Thu 21.05.15 22:00 h

STUFF stands for great beats, crazy improvisation, dangerous synth lines and alien grooves. This boy band proves that with a little dedication there are still a whole lot of untrodden paths. They form a concept band with a unique sound and use samples and loops as the framework for groundbreaking, technically edifying jam sessions. Kraftwerk and Flying Lotus contribute to providing the inspiration, resulting in a unique sound which they’ve described as Live Glitch TripHop. Fiesta and Basta! more ...
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Fri 22.05.15 21:00 h

Felix Kubin is an intriguing icon on the electronic scene with a crazy discography. His music is brimming with irony and futurism – as though Willy Wonka and Stanley Kubrick had started a band. His retro sound, which feels Eastern European, is very highly regarded and during live concerts that remarkable little man also proves himself to be a wonderful entertainer as well. more ...


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Fri 22.05.15 22:00 h

The son of two Presbyterian ministers from an American backwater called Spokane, James Pants went from being the teenage DJ for a black nationalist rap group to a multi-instrumentalist who can count on fans as diverse as Flying Lotus, Zane Lowe, Erol Alkan and XL’s new teen hip-hop internet sensation Tyler The Creator, who calls James “one of the most creative fucking people to walk this earth”. James met Stones Throw Records head honcho Peanut Butter Wolf after his high school prom and dropped a debut album in 2008, Welcome, which told the tale of a lo more ...


Wed 03.06.15 - Sat 06.06.15

Over four days, the first Ruhr Games brings together thousands of young people from all over Europe to compete with and against one another in a combination of Olympic, modern trend and action sports. As one of the main contest venues, the Zollverein world cultural heritage site is staging the table tennis, BMX Dirt Jump and MTB Slopestyle championships as well as a colourful open air festival redefining the borders between art and sport and underpinning social integration and inclusion. more ...

Sat 06.06.15 22:00 h

The ›International Summer Battle‹ is being held for the first time this year at PACT. At the invitation of Pottporus e. V., two German and two international hip hop dancers will each compete in high-energy, crowd-rousing, one-on-one battles in one of four different categories. The evening is moderated by host presenter Engin with musical support from DJ Big Toni from the Minden collective Hitnapperz. more ...

Fri 12.06.15 20:00 h

Sat 13.06.15 20:00 h

Choreographer and visual artist Antonia Baehr creates sensuous and humorous pieces that investigate the experience of fiction in everyday life and in theatre. Her latest work ›Misses und Mysterien‹ was made in collaboration with the French dancer and performer Valérie Castan who has recently made a name for herself with audio descriptions of dance pieces for the blind and the visually impaired. more ...


Sat 20.06.15 19:00 h

Now in its fifteenth edition, Extraschicht (Night of Industrial Culture) is a unique cultural happening which sets 50 former industrial sites in the Metropolis Ruhr alight with music, dance, theatre, video and light installations. This year we are hosting two live concerts to mark the occasion. For the first set of the evening, Jan Plewka, lead singer of the German cult band ›Selig‹, teams up with the Schwarz-Rote Heilsarmee band to deliver a striking collection of interpretations of hit songs by his idol the German singer songwriter Rio Reiser.  more ...

Fri 26.06.15 - Sun 28.06.15

Join us on Friday the 26. June from 19 h for an exhibition of exemplary works drawn from the diverse fields of practice of partners in the medienwerk.nrw network which push and expand the ascribed borders of artistic sectors and disciplines. The exhibits include digital, time-based, physical, manual and conceptual approaches which together give a broad overview of current transdisciplinary working methods. The exhibition will be preceded by a lecture. more ...


Fri 03.07.15 19:00 h

Since 2002, PACT’s Atelier series offers emerging and established artists from NRW, Germany and abroad a chance to present their work to the general public during a shared evening length programme. Each edition gives rise to a hybrid programme featuring both completed works as well as projects under development from the fields of performance, choreography, video, media, sound and installation art and photography. Entries from artists working in all disciplines are welcome for the next Atelier on the 03. July 2015. more ...

Sat 04.07.15 20:00 h

  This season comes to a close on a summery note with an open air concert featuring two internationally acclaimed live bands and a DJ.  The evening gets underway with a unique blend of psychedelic pop, funk and folk from Finnish singer and cult figure Jaakko Eino Kalevi.  more ...


Fri 28.08.15 20:00 h

Sat 29.08.15 20:00 h

Sun 30.08.15 20:00 h

Belgian director and writer Jan Decorte’s latest work ›Much Dance‹ revolves around two extraordinary love stories. Four striking stage personalities address central experiences of human existence such as love, desire and death in unadorned images. Decorte’s distinctive and somewhat playful physical lyricism doesn’t require virtuosity, trained bodies or strict dance grammar. more ...

Sat 29.08.15 15:00 h

For the very first time, a diverse collection of social and cultural initiatives, groups and institutions working in the district of Katern­berg are jointly opening their doors to the local community for a vibrant programme of events. Whether you’re looking for an exhibition, a tour, a demonstration, a ceremony, handcrafts, a competition, to play a game, sing a song, have a cup of tea or something else entirely, the 7 hour occasion offers an unpre- more ...


Sat 05.09.15 20:00 h

Sun 06.09.15 20:00 h

Canadian singer-songwriter and composer Owen Pallett is regarded as one of the most exciting artists operating in the space between pop culture and classical tradition. As a solo artist he creates direct and highly emotional indie pop tracks with complex arrangements and texts influenced by both contemporary queer poetry and post-modern cultural theory. Composer Nico Muhly describes his eclectic songwriting as a ›curatorial gesture‹, equally capable of sampling Laurie Anderson, Wagnerian strings or West African rhythm patterns. more ...

Sat 12.09.15 14:30 h

Sun 13.09.15 14:30 h

Theatre / Performance
The line »Be embraced, you millions« from Schiller’s ›Ode to Joy‹ provides the starting point for a creative encounter between teenagers from immigrant families and teenager asylum seekers living in the Ruhr District. more ...


Thu 17.09.15 20:00 h

Fri 18.09.15 20:00 h

Sat 19.09.15 20:00 h

Sun 20.09.15 20:00 h

Dance / Performance
Meg Stuart, a regular guest at PACT, is one of the most influential choreographers of the last two decades. After taking her own artistic and personal biography as a starting point for her solo work ›Hunter‹, she now draws inspiration from people who retreat from the real world and construct their own, fantastic set of rules. more ...
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