Our Programme
Overview, February – July 2016


Sun 21.02.16 16:00 h

Performance for children (3+) and adults
Colourful fabrics meet with delicate sounds und subtle noises in ›What we move, what moves us‹, a transformative performance for children over the age of three. In collaboration with textile designer Nadine Geopfert, choreographer Lucia Glass takes us into a world of fanciful forms and movement where everyday objects, items of clothing and bodies can swap their characteristics and roles. In an imaginative series of ever transforming scenarios brought to life by dancer Eva Svaneblom everything is possible. more ...

Sun 28.02.16 15:00 h

Piano recital
Composed between 1722 and 1742 and generally regarded as one of the most influential works in the history of Western classical music, Bach’s ›The Well-Tempered Clavier‹ is a collection of two series of Preludes and Fugues in all 24 major and minor keys. more ...


Fri 11.03.16 20:00 h

Sat 12.03.16 20:00 h

Dance / Performance
Hallmarked by precision and a delicate sense of irony, Fabrice Mazliah’s work challenges the audience to actively share in thought processes and the constructing of meaning on stage. For his latest production he and the dance-maker collective MAMAZA have teamed up with dancers from the Cologne based MichaelDouglas Collective: 7 protagonists, 1 space, a few common objects of reference and a multitude of perpetually over-layering realities, provide the basis for a complex communicative system in which the audience play just as important a role as the dancers themselves. more ...

Fri 18.03.16 - Sun 20.03.16

Once again this year, our Spring Festival brings together a vibrant array of performances and music over the course of three-days. Heine Avdal and Yukiko Shinozaki alias ›fieldworks‹ take us on a short magical journey full of unusual encounters, visual artist Vlatka Horvath playfully circumvents restrictions and limitations, the youth ensemble ›Studio Musikfabrik› delve into the musical realms of Japanese composers while the ›Sons of Sissy‹ and five strong band ›ALMA‹ whisk us away to the Austrian Alps and beyond. more ...


As part of

PACT Spring Festival 2016

Fri 18.03.16 17:00 h

Sat 19.03.16 17:00 h

Sun 20.03.16 14:00 h

Site-specfic choreographic performance duration 30 minutes
»In their very intimate and playful performances the Japanese artist Yukiko Shinozaki and Norwegian artist Heine Avdal create dream-like, absurd in-between worlds by means of subtle shifts in reality.« ibseninternational.com Heine Avdal and Yukiko Shinozaki, alias fieldworks, make enchanting, multimedia performances and interactive interventions that allow the audience to immerse themselves momentarily in poetic in-between worlds. more ...
As part of

PACT Spring Festival 2016

Fri 18.03.16 19:00 h

Spanning sculpture, installation, collage, drawing, video, and performance, London based artist Vlatka Horvat’s works frequently questions the precarious and contentious dynamics between bodies, physical objects, the built environment, and landscape. more ...
As part of

PACT Spring Festival 2016

Fri 18.03.16 20:30 h

Under the name of ›Studio Musikfabrik‹, the renowned Ensemble Musikfabrik took over the leadership in 2009 of the ›LandesJugendEnsemble‹ (State Youth Ensemble) initiated by the State Council of Music NRW. Known for their work with new music, the core ensemble is made up of 15 young musicians who have either successfully contended in the German national competition ›Jugend Musiziert‹ or already gathered a high level of experience in chamber music with other youth ensembles. more ...
As part of

PACT Spring Festival 2016

Sat 19.03.16 20:00 h

Austrian choreographer and farm boy Simon Mayer’s latest work winningly acknowledges the rich universe of traditions, folk dances and folk music which surrounded his youth. Drawing on live traditional Alpine music, group dances and ritualized practices, four performers playfully establish a whole new and unseen fusion of artistic re-interpretations. more ...


As part of

PACT Spring Festival 2016

Sat 19.03.16 21:30 h

ALMA are five young musicians whose songs owe as much to Alpine folk traditions as they do to modern improvisation. Their wide-ranging repertoire includes old yodels, songs and traditional melodies as well as own compositions and new arrangements of familiar tunes. In this, their first concert at PACT, Austria’s shooting stars on the World Music scene will be featuring songs from their new album ›Transalpin‹ which, true to its name, sets out from the Alps on an unparalleled musical journey that effortlessly traverses national borders. more ...
As part of

PACT Spring Festival 2016

Sun 20.03.16 14:30 h

Blitz presentations and workshops
Reminiscent of the famous tea dances which evolved from the idea of English afternoon tea in the nineteen twenties and enjoyed huge popularity in Germany up until the 1950s, we’re throwing an afternoon tea dance, complete with finger sandwiches, scones and clotted cream, for dance enthusiasts young and old. A host of local dance groups will be on hand demonstrating their skills in diverse styles from folklore to ballroom after which everyone is warmly invited to take to the floor with them to learn some easy steps and sequences and dance the afternoon away together. more ...
As part of

PACT Spring Festival 2016

Sun 20.03.16 16:30 h

Performance for children (6+) and adults
Artist duo Frank&Robbert/Robbert&Frank are the young creative minds behind this hour long installation performance for children over the age of six and their families. Against a Wild West backdrop, we experience a constantly transforming landscape bursting with all the fun (im)possibilities of theatre. more ...


Fri 01.04.16 19:00 h

Photography / Dance / Installation / Music / Performance / Video
Since 2002, our ATELIER series offers emerging and established artists from NRW, Germany and abroad a chance to present their work to the general public during a shared evening length programme. Each edition gives rise to a hybrid programme featuring both completed works as well as projects under development from the fields of performance, choreography, video, media, sound and installation art and photography. more ...


Fri 08.04.16 20:00 h

Sat 09.04.16 20:00 h

›Shamelessly romantic‹ is how Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker describes her choreographic answer to Schönberg’s composition ›Verklärte Nacht‹ (›Transfigured Night‹) which is based on Richard Dehmel’s poem of the same name about a woman who confesses to the man she loves that she is expecting a child from another man. more ...

Wed 13.04.16 20:00 h

Reading for three narrators and three instrumentalist
Composer Wolfgang Hufschmidt`s latest work is based on extracts from the novel ›Die Nacht zum 21. Jahrhundert oder Aus dem Leben eines alten Mannes‹ (Twofold Vibrations) by Holocaust survivor Raymond Federman. Arranged for three speakers and three musicians, the result is a moving and impressively scored interpretation of Federman’s narrative from 1982 in which fiction collides with autobiographical events in the story of an old man awaiting his deportation to the space colonies in the year 1999. more ...

Fri 22.04.16 20:00 h

Sat 23.04.16 20:00 h

Dance / Performance
Following ›69 positions‹ in 2014, Danish choreographer Mette Ingvartsen returns with the second work in her cycle ›The Red Pieces‹ looking at the political dimensions of sexuality. In ›7 Pleasures‹ a collective of 12 dancers explore seven notions of pleasure in relation to different aspects of hedonism and sensuality. more ...


Wed 04.05.16 20:00 h

Thu 05.05.16 20:00 h

Fri 06.05.16 20:00 h

»Confounding conventions and exploding audience expectations« The Times more ...


Sat 14.05.16 20:00 h

The Kurt Jooss Prize was established as a prize for young choreographers in 2001 on the occasion of the 100th birthday of Kurt Jooss, creator of the anti-war dance drama, ›The Green Table‹, co-founder of the Folkwang Academy and founder of the Folkwang Dance Studio. Carrying an endowment of 10.000 Euro, the prize is sponsored by the Anna and Hermann Markard Foundation and the City of Essen and is awarded every three years. It is open to choreographers of all ages who are not yet fully established in the profession. more ...

Fri 20.05.16 20:00 h

Sat 21.05.16 20:00 h

Performance in English
»I realize that I ‘am, exist, live’ in a time where everything seems possible, in a time when I myself can access more or less all of the accumulated knowledge in the world. And best of all, because of all this information, all of this knowledge, nothing stays what it seems to be any more. (…) Not one universal truth remains and everything is in a constant state of change.« Tine Van Aerschot more ...

Fri 20.05.16 21:30 h

Sat 21.05.16 21:30 h

Dance / Performance
In ›~55‹ Radouan Mriziga subtly plays with the perspective and the expectations of the audience. Constructed around the number five and exploring the body’s relationship to space through simple gestures, he gradually begins to create an intricate floor pattern with chalk, tape and his body. Balanced delicately between the aesthetic influences of minimalism and Oriental ornamentation, the emerging forms appear like an unavoidable consequence of the connection between his physicality and the space. more ...


Sat 04.06.16 16:00 h

graphics / Group exhibition featuring performance / installation art / media art / Photography / Dance / Music / Video
A fixed point on our agenda for over eleven years, Feldstärke culminates traditionally once again in 2016 in a group exhibition of works and projects by young artists currently studying diverse disciplines at different art colleges and university faculties in NRW. Before the exhibition gets underway, the Feldstärke participants will take part in a three day practice orientated exchange looking at interdisciplinary practices in urban, cultural and artistic contexts and engaging with seen, unseen, and unforeseen approaches to their own and others' work. more ...


Sat 11.06.16 18:00 h

The ›International Summer Battle 2016‹ is being held for the second time this year at PACT. At the invitation of Pottporus e.V., two German and two international hip hop dancers will compete in high-energy battles in the categories 1on1 Popping, 1on1 House, 1on1 HipHop and 2on2 B-Boying. The evening will be moderated by a crowd-rousing host presenter with musical support from DJ Big Toni from the Minden collective Hitnapperz. more ...

Sat 25.06.16 (All day)

Now in its sixteenth edition, ExtraSchicht (Night of Industrial Culture) is a unique cultural happening which sets 50 former industrial sites in the Metropolis Ruhr alight with music, dance, theatre, video and light installations. To mark the occasion this year, you can once again join us for an evening of great music in the company of two live bands that are guaranteed to fill the dance floor! Full programme details will be announced here shortly. more ...


Fri 01.07.16 20:00 h

Sat 02.07.16 20:00 h

Film / Performance
Blending documentary, performance and video, Bert Baele and Yves Degryse, alias BERLIN, create complex multimedia works which have been presented at major arts festivals and theatres Europe wide. In their latest work they encounter an elderly married couple living in the exclusion zone around Chernobyl. After the nuclear disaster in 1986, Pétro and Nadia, both well into their sixties at the time, refused to be evacuated preferring to stay put in their old village, a ghost town robbed of its inhabitants and cut off from electricity, running water, heating, shops and companionship. more ...

Wed 06.07.16 - Sun 10.07.16

›To Go On (Advance Retreat)‹ is a playful and subversive research gathering, workshop and informal festival designed to bring performance makers and choreographers into dialogue with ideas and practitioners from other disciplines. more ...
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