tanzplan essen 2010 is supported by Tanzplan Deutschland. Tanzplan Deutschland is an initiative of the Federal Cultural Foundation (Kulturstiftung des Bundes)


The Learning Laboratory in three modules


At the symposium EXPLORATIONEN, in intensive interaction, interested parties, experts, and the curious look into learning in artistic contexts – playfully, profoundly, and without a predetermined conclusion.


AGORA, a transdisciplinary exchange program, gathers competencies from various countries and disciplines and creates a concentrated working space, outside of institutions of higher education.

Work Weeks

In the Work Weeks, a practical central instrument for trying out collaborations, the collaborating institutions open new perspectives for each other.

tanzplan essen 2010

When the German Federal Cultural Foundation started the Tanzplan Germany initiative in 2005, its objective was to make dance more visible and strengthen its position in the public arena and in cultural politics. ›Tanzplan vor Ort‹, an additional focus of the program beyond the educational projects, was then created with a decentralized structure that made it possible to work with existing resources and advance the vital connection to the regional dance scene. In exemplary fashion, the city and region of Essen have long been characterized by a dense network of various competencies and interests in dance and dance education.

tanzplan essen 2010 began in an era when – not just because of the results of the PISA study – people not only began to consider changes in the national educational system; it was also an era in which learning as such was being newly classified. The search for connections between various disciplines was once again the center of attention, along with the necessary problematization, transfer of experience, and friction between arts, technology, and science.

This discussion was an occasion for us to ask ourselves: what are we talking about when we speak of learning? Given increasingly complex worlds of life, it no longer appears to suffice to simply rely on conveying knowledge; it is time to concentrate on the prerequisites of knowledge transfer. Instead of simplifying, the necessary cultural strategy seemed to us to be »thematization and problematization« (Bazon Brock). Thus the point is to better understand the processes of learning and to make them more flexible so that – as Franz Anton Cramer so aptly put it – knowledge and dealing with knowledge themselves become action and designing.

However, we remain able to act only when we understand this process to be a complex interplay between different institutions and actors in which we abandon the comfort of our own discipline’s favorite living room and expectations are tied to »friendly listening« (Gesa Ziemer). Art can play an important role here, since it has always made the effort to productively balance the chaotic, the irrational, and the contrafactual and has the ability to deal with these elements with vigilance.

In the last few years a mesh was created that grouped and induced movement in highly divergent traditions and resources. In tanzplan essen 2010 we consciously entered insecure territory in the knowledge that it is precisely the demands of differences, collisions, and resistances that lead to new ideas for learning and teaching in and with the performing arts.

In the three modules EXPLORATIONEN, AGORA, and WORK WEEKS, we created extra-institutional forums for exchange that reflect this situation. In them, important knowledge from different academic and scientific disciplines was connected to artistic work methods with enthusiasm and curiosity. New forms of learning were simultaneously reflected, tested, and applied.

The journal you are holding in your hands gives an overview of 5 years of work and 20 projects of tanzplan essen 2010, lingers shortly at one of the many intense moments, jumps to the next, initiates an idea, and plays with the most diverse thoughts and insights that we collected in our exciting approach to the question of learning and teaching. We hope to provide enough stimulus for you to occupy yourself more extensively and intensely with tanzplan essen 2010’s subjects and projects.

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